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DAVID BROWN and JAMES CLAYDEN - Plant Hunting In Japan LP


DAVID BROWN and JAMES CLAYDEN - Plant Hunting In Japan LP

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In the late 1970’s, early 1980’s David Brown and James Clayden started playing music together as the experimental band AD HOC along with Chris Knowles and David Wadelton. In the ensuing years Clayden concentrated mainly on making experimental films and videos while concurrently creating the music and soundscapes for each of these works, while Brown formed several other bands, most notably Bucketrider
and Pateras/Baxter/Brown along with the solo project Candlesnuffer. 

In 2015 they got together again with several actor/singers to work on the improvised operetta Third Person Other, followed in 2016 by a piece of musical theatre The Other
Side, together with actor Helen Hopkins. In 2017 their collaboration continued in coming up with the operetta APHANISIS with four actors/singers. These productions were all performed at LaMama Theatre, Carlton. Brown and Clayden then started recording selected songs from these operettas, primarily stripped back to just Brown’s guitar and voice.

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