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Orders pre-7pm usually ship next business day
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Where is my order?
We process orders as fast as we can and use a courier service (Australia Post if the order is under 500 grams) who collect the next business day and provide updates to the status of your order. Please be mindful that we do not work 24 hours. Orders placed later in the day/evening do not guarantee shipping the next day but, we frequently ship those late night/early morning orders mere hours later. Customers often comment on the haste with which their order arrived!
The courier companies cannot deliver to PO Boxes or Parcel Lockers - please provide a home, business or place of work address - or we will just use Australia Post for orders with PO Boxes or Parcel Lockers. For the best chance at first delivery attempt success, provide any additional instructions: leave at front/back door, leave with reception, signature on delivery required, leave down side of house under skate ramp, etc. Expect delivery within 1-5 days (regional/remote sometimes slightly longer) from courier pickup (which you will receive via email notification). If you do not receive a shipping notification a week or more after ordering - and you're not awaiting a preorder (see below) - please contact us (it's almost always the email address was wrongly entered).
Either shipping method will result in shipping confirmation emailed with tracking when your order is dispatched.

How do preorders work?
If you placed a preorder, the release date or expected arrival timeframe can be found on the product page. We ask that you always refer back to the product page as we update this information as we're made aware of any delays or earlier-than-expected shipments. Please note, pressing plant delays occur and orders that include a preorder title will only ship once the preorder arrives, unless... (see below). This is due to only one shipping charge and sorry but we cannot ship items separately - postage costs are expensive and we're not Jeff Bezos.

Can I preorder in the store?
You can place special orders in the store as well as preorders. After much thought - and one irate customer in the store - we worked out a way to do it and keep our inventory levels accurate and prevent any allocation errors. We basically need to ask for the same info you would provide (name, email, release, shipping method) were you to do it online yourself.

Ordered other items at the same time as a preorder and don't want to wait?
You can add other items but shipping will only occur either a) once all items have arrived or b) simply place another order for items in stock - whether it be reaching the $160 free shipping threshold, or a smaller order - and tell us in the ORDER NOTES (red text area) that you have another order pending and to add whatever's here to the new order.
Don't fret, we're very organised. Standard shipping rules apply. You might need a calculator.

Like to add item(s) to an existing preorder and avoid paying additional shipping?
Sure, no need to email us.
Go ahead and buy whichever item(s) and choose PICKUP as the shipping option.
Please provide in the Order Notes box [red text area, possibly harder to spot on your mobile] - not a separate email - which order # it's to be added to. Easy...

How much is postage?
It depends on where you live and total weight. One LP can be shipped anywhere within Australia for $11.50 if under 500 gram weight. General rule of thumb is the more you order, the less per item you pay. In fact, order $160 worth of goods and pay ZERO postage. Certain postcodes (usually regional areas) end up being too expensive by courier, so these orders are shipped via Australia Post.

Is postage automatically calculated? (see further below for overseas orders)
Yes, you can get a shipping estimate for Australian orders on the shopping cart page. Once you are ready to place your order, proceed to checkout and the price of postage will be displayed on the order confirmation page.
Overseas orders please read the sections below.

Can I pick up my order instore?
Absolutely. It should appear as the default option once your contact and shipping info is entered. You can also pick up partial orders that are awaiting preorders to arrive.
Opening hours or check our Facebook page.

Can I order from overseas?
Sure. Note that shipping is NOT FREE. You will be invoiced for shipping and fees, prompt payment is appreciated.
UPDATE: from 1st Oct 2021 we have drastically REDUCED shipping costs - below Australia Post charges!
New Zealand customers can order via the website.
Shipping rates (in Australian Dollars) for one standard LP, under 500 grams:
Japan  $23.00  (includes credit card / PayPal fee)   over 500gm / 2LP $34
USA / CAN  $24.50   (includes credit card / PayPal fee)   over 500gm / 2LP $34
UK  $30.75  (includes credit card / PayPal fee)  over 500gm / 2LP $42
EU  $30.75  (includes credit card / PayPal fee)  over 500gm / 2LP $43
1-3 x 7" packed securely, 250-500 gram: USA / CAN $13  (includes credit card / PayPal fee)

Overseas orders - any PayPal / VISA / MC fee will be added to the advertised price of the records. You will be invoiced for the shipping total plus fees and we ship within 48-72 hours of payment.

Why are shipping rates so high for overseas orders?
We are just as bummed about it as you are but we do offer the option of building orders. The larger your order gets the less painful the overseas shipping rates. At checkout choose “Overseas order - NOT FREE - shipping invoiced separately” as your shipping option and tell us in the Order Notes you would like to build a larger order. Your records and invoice will be set aside, and we will continue to do this with future orders you make. When you are ready to have your package shipped send us an email and we will get back to you with a shipping total. Once the shipping payment is received your order will be sent and Order Fulfilled, notifying you of the shipping. We will not and do not add any extra charges to shipping costs but will include PayPal's 3.8% fees in the quoted shipping cost (see Can I order from overseas? above).

How do I reduce your shipping costs - which are already very low - for my overseas order?
We have found that once an order is above 2kg (under 2.5kg, 3kg etc) the shipping cost per LP reduces to a much lower rate. An example from EU (late 2020):
5 x LPs = 1.5-2 kg = $72 = AUD $14.40 each (recently had a 5 LP order under 1.5kg)
7 x LPs = 2.5 kg = $76 = AUD $10.85 each
8-9 LPs = 3 kg = $80 = approx AUD $9 each

Where do I find you? How do I get in contact?
519 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy North
VIC 3068
P: 03 9416 1662
E: info [at] strangeworldrecords [dot] com [dot] au
The #11 tram from the city heading north brings you within 50 metres of the store.
Catch the #11 from Collins St - it travels along Brunswick St, taking you across Alexandra Pde, get off at the next stop (#19) just outside the Lord Newry Hotel..
Check the Our Record Store page for a map and hours of opening.

Is the store wheelchair accessible?
Totally, and spacious enough to navigate around. There's a low, raised step (30-40mm high) at the front of the store and polished concrete. We also have a safety step to help with browsing the upper record racks. The safety step can be grabbed from under the Garage Rock crates.

What's this about free shipping? Can I build an order to reach free shipping?
All orders that reach $160 ship free within Australia or can be picked up.
We cannot allow (cos many have tried) customers to order a record one month, then two months later another, then a third order and, having reached $160 in purchases (via 3 transactions over 4 months) to expect free shipping. We think everyone gets it that the free shipping is designed for one order, one shipment and with the level of admin involved - plus leaving a whole lotta room for errors - how would we ever get to have a holiday!? 🤣

Can you hold stock? 
Not really, sorry. We don't have a "hold" box.
We have an "Orders" box, a "Preorders" box and boxes of bulk stock. It's enough boxes.
Once an item is available in the website, it can only be held if purchased.
We've had to implement this policy in order to prevent inventory errors (and customers who flake on us).
We pride ourselves on having accurate inventory and have noticed the errors used to occur cos we held items for people and forgot to (manually) take them out of the website.
Somebody else then comes along and buys the item on the website, leaving one person peeved. Easier to just ask that you buy it and we can place it in the "Orders" box, ready for collection.

Does the record I've ordered come with a download code? 
Where known (stated on shrinkwrap sticker, advertised as having, personal copy...) we provide this info in the product description. Please don't email to ask us, there's all manner of resources to provide the answer - the internet (label / artist website), forums (Reddit), Facebook, Discogs etc.

What if you've sold out of the items I've ordered?
We do our best to keep our online inventory accurate, but discrepancies may (very rarely) occur. We will notify you of items we are out of. In the very unlikely event of this being a large portion of your order, we will hold those items we have and await further instructions. If we're only missing one item, we'll either ship what we have and provide a refund for the missing item, or await hearing if you're happy to wait for us to restock.