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MAGIC DIRT - Friends In Danger LP (colour vinyl)

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MAGIC DIRT - Friends In Danger LP (colour vinyl)

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Limited edition "Emergency Red" colour vinyl. 
Black wax also available. 

Debut is a classic and Magic Dirt at there best, its dark and dirty and a soundscape a journey of fuzz and feedback, a near masterpiece...

There are some murky, meandering moments here which are kind of pointless but when they manage to craft actual songs with catchy verses and hooky choruses, without letting go of the fuzzy, dirty, dark thing they're obviously going for, look out.

Yes, their musical compass is pointed directly and rigidly to Sonic Youth but who cares, they in turn took much from The Gordons, as we've recently pointed out (and if you haven't picked up THAT recent reissue, for shame)...

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