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WOLFGANG VOIGT - Rückverzauberung Live In London 2LP

Astral Industries

WOLFGANG VOIGT - Rückverzauberung Live In London 2LP

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Double 180 gram vinyl. 
Highly recommended. 

On the 22nd May 2014, Wolfgang Voigt performed his critically-acclaimed 'Rückverzauberung’ live at the Church of St John-at-Hackney. 

"This, to put it simply, was a masterclass in ambient music. The sounds, beautiful; the transitions; perfect; the experience, unforgettable. The sound emanating from his quite simple set up filled up the church completely, in a room lit only by a few candles, his music shone through and brought everything to life. Everyone and everything became one with the music, moving with its ups and downs, delighting in it’s near perfection. I went to this concert expecting something amazing, I got much more than that, an enthralling evening from start to finish." - Mohammed Ashraf

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