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WILLIE LANE - A Pine Tree Shilling's Worth LP

Feeding Tube

WILLIE LANE - A Pine Tree Shilling's Worth LP

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Includes d/l code. 
Limited to 500 copies. 

A reissue of the final piece of Lane's original Cord-Art LP trilogy, originally released in 2016. 

A hazily unstoppable flow -- American Primitive and Bay Area Ballroom-era string greats in equal measure. 

"A Pine Tree Shilling's Worth 
is my personal fave of Willie's first three Cord-Art LPs . . .Mostly played on electric (although there are some acoustic overdubs), the music manages to be abstract and melodic at the same time, with individual lines splanging off in oddball directions, then reasserting their formal qualities inside a single musical breath." -- Byron Coley

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