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WILFUL BOYS - Rough As Guts LP

Ever Never

WILFUL BOYS - Rough As Guts LP

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Highly recommended.
Amrep-style bulldozer rock from Brooklyn combo with strong Oz DNA.

New York City’s THE WILFUL BOYS is hard rock the way it once was - and should always be - now and forever, amen. You know The Wilful Boys are old-school from the get-go as you won’t find mainman and singer STEVEN FISHER out in front of the band, prancing and preening. The man is behind the drumkit, driving these songs forward with a bruising, methodical force. Fisher is an Aussie - as is bassist MIKEY WATKINS - and the hardscrabble nature of his native land sweats heaps of grit and power all over Rough As Guts, The Wilful Boys’ 12-song debut full-length on NYC’s Ever/Never Records. If you thought their single was a fine example of brutal rock n’ roll, you ain’t heard nothin’ yet. Rough As Guts lives up to its title - it’s a shit-kicking no-shit-giving hard-ass of a record. The album even lives up to its splatterpunk cover art courtesy of Musk’s ROB FLETCHER.

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