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WILFUL BOYS - Anybody There 7"

Ever Never

WILFUL BOYS - Anybody There 7"

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Highly recommended by Strangeworld.
Amrep-style bulldozer rock from Brooklyn combo with strong Oz DNA.

New York City’s THE WILFUL BOYS is hard rock the way it once was—and should always be—for now and forever, amen. You know The Wilful Boys are old-school from the start, as mainman and singer STEVEN FISHER isn’t out front of the band, prancing and preening. The man is behind the drumkit, his heavy-as-a-sack-of-bricks pounding driving these songs forward with a bruising, methodical force. Fisher is an Aussie—as is bassist MIKEY WATKINS— and the hardscrabble nature of his native land sweats heaps of grit and power all over Wilful Boys’ debut release.

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