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WHY BOTHER? - A City Of Unsolved Miseries LP

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WHY BOTHER? - A City Of Unsolved Miseries LP

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Limited edition of 300 copies.

Highly recommended.

Mason City, Iowa's WHY BOTHER? return with their third album in as many years. Their patented basement recording setup has yet again captured something magical, thirteen originals in all.

From the fringes of a small, landlocked Midwestern city - Why Bother? have honed in on a punk sound that is original, self-driven and shows no signs of slowing. Swirling in darker thematics, such as the still unsolved 1995 disappearance of Mason City TV anchor Jodi Huisentruit, the album speaks to every outcast living out their days underneath dark, grey skies.

However the music strikes you - Why Bother? have defined yet another chapter of their enigmatic existence with the genius sounds captured on A City of Unsolved Miseries.

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