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WHIRLYWIRLD - Complete Recordings 1978-1980 LP


WHIRLYWIRLD - Complete Recordings 1978-1980 LP

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Includes liner notes and photos. 
Highly recommended. 

Like their American equivalent, Suicide, Whirlywirld never made a real commercial mark for themselves, simply they were ahead of their time." - Clinton Walker 

"Whirlywirld was an Australian Post-Punk band led by Ian 'Ollie' Olsen (Reals, Young Charlatans), and the first of his musical collaborations with drummer John Murphy (News). The band formed Whirlwirld in 1978 with their stated priority from the outset, to go electronic, determined as they were to take flight from the sonic limitations of the conventional, guitar-based rock format. A pioneer of synthesizer punk, the band came across with something of the experimentation of Suicide, Throbbing Gristle or Cabaret Voltaire, and also with the more song-oriented sound of Joy Division. Along with The Primitive Calculators they were supporters of the Melbourne 'Little Band' scene.

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