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WHIP - s/t 7"

Neck Chop

WHIP - s/t 7"

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Like the resounding crack of a lashed lithe of leather, Winnepeg’s WHIP careens out of their recording space with the group’s first-ever vinyl release. To say the band’s material was “worthy” of the ol’ Neckchop™ wax treatment would only be selling it short. Etched within these grooves are what some would consider to be the essence of the punk rock spirit, something that is honest to its role as the idiot savant of rock subgenres. Something that exhibits both near-ineptitude and borderline-brilliance with simplistic, oftentimes repetitious riffs that have no business being as invigorating as they are, with a frail, limp power chords to contrast the vocalist’s genuine frustration with the world around them. This EP not only makes roaring returns to songs previously featured in the band’s three preceding tapes, but also introduces a fresh dollop of raw, hook-laden laced with an ever-so danceable tempo.

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