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Joyful Noise


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Hand-numbered edition of 500. 
Beautiful cover design with embossed-type sleeve. 
Hilarious liner notes by Kid Millions (Oneida). Excerpt below. 
Highly recommended. 

Originally released on cassette in 2013 on Physical Things in a small edition run. Recorded in 2010, Trout Dream Studios, Detroit and Interlochen, Michigan, EE.UU. 

Recommended for fans of the Hands In The Dark label (Egyptology, Tomaga, Saaad, Brian Case) and trancey, electronic sounds.

"Weirding Module “A Newer Age” was gonna come out. I absolutely loved this fucking album. I listened to it constantly as I worked in the IT salt mines. I was a manager by day, and a life idiot by night. Music was my only salvation. It actually saved my life on a daily basis. I was so depressed. . .those days just floated away in a fog of corporate gibberish. But I would spin this Weirding Module album and be freed from the nightmare of my job. All the clichés were true for me then. Music was saving me and I believed in Weirding Module.

In a way I think it’s the best album that Brah never released. You are holding a masterpiece in your hands. You might not realize it yet - but it is. WM saw the darkness and paranoia that we are living in now and he made the soundtrack. This album is a headphones trip. It will DEFINITELY take you to another place. Do people put on headphones, shut the door, turn off the phone, lie back and listen anymore? Is that a thing? Are you that person?

I think the days are long gone for albums to be re-discovered. Everything that is made from now on is forever lost into the digital dustbin. It’s something like, “What was that thing I heard that one time? Well I can’t remember the name and there’s been a deluge of slop released since so forget about it.” That’s music now.

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