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WARPAINT - Heads Up 2LP (colour vinyl)

Rough Trade

WARPAINT - Heads Up 2LP (colour vinyl)

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Limited edition pink and black vinyl.

Third studio album from LA based neo-psychedelic dream pop outfit.

Warpaint’s new album is said to be informed by recent hip-hop and R&B but it ultimately hews closely to the moody downtempo rock they’re known for. There’s a difference between sleepy-eyed music and music that just puts you to sleep. If Warpaint have made a career out of walking the fine line between the two, your enjoyment of the band naturally depends on which side of that line you see them. Does the L.A. quartet’s anesthetizing approach to downtempo rock create tension out of restraint or does it simply lack enough friction to generate heat? Heads Up, the band’s third full-length, probably won’t change whatever opinion you already have.
- Pitchfork

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