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Upset The Rhythm


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Highly recommended. 

VITAL IDLES for a conglomerate of art outsiders and aesthetes are primitive, whimsically brutal. Sculpting a skeleton from a body already lean, there's a thrilling minimalism that runs through every beat and strum, a sparseness that feeds Jessica Higgins's surreal, oblique vocal delivery all the nourishment it needs. 

Following two self-released demos and a sold out debut 7", Vital Idles arrived on Upset The Rhythm with 2018's 'Left Hand', a bare manifesto layered with meaning and non-meaning. Now Vital Idles return with a new 7" EP for 2019. Vital Idles have stripped away all extraneous ornamentation to sculpt an incredibly life-like, vibrant pop music completely detourned and re-thought.

RIYL: Dry Cleaning

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