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These tracks embody the same blend of slowcore and space rock that DUSTER's 'Stratosphere' embodies, but with more of a jam-like atmosphere that relies more on sonic exploration rather than the traditionally structured and grounded approach the band took as Duster.

Minimalism has always been the name of the game with this outfit and it does not change here. “Here Comes the Black Moon” is repetitive and meditative as minimal guitar chords echo in the emptiness of the mix to provide as a foundation for the backdrop of effects, signals, and space-like sounds that enter in and out of consciousness. If you are unfamiliar with Valium Aggelein think more music like “Moon Age” and the other shorter instrumental cuts off Stratosphere and you will have a good idea of the creative direction Valium Aggelein takes.

With these small differences in approach, the two creative aliases still have major stylistic overlap. There is even one cut that crosses over from Valium Aggelein to Duster with “The Landing”, as it originated on Dweller on the Threshold and made its way to Stratosphere. Valium Aggelein’s increased slowness and the choice to use less vocals make this version of the band produce a creative space that is immensely encapsulating. If Stratosphere is the aircraft flying through the sky, Hier Kommt der Schwartze Mond (and The Black Moon) is the satellite drifting in space.

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