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v/a- SHUTDOWN 66

Ernie Douglas

v/a- SHUTDOWN 66

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Highly recommended. 

Tired of the Sonics, Remains and Elevators? We didn't think so! But check out the Uncivilized, Possums, Crucibles, Royal Coachmen, Half Beats, We The People, Bryds, Conquests, Playgues, Hearts Of Stone, mo'!

18 never-comped, snot-nosed whiney punkers! At last, a real punk collection of the most unfulfilled, unsatisfied, unloved, unfit shutdown morons of '66. 

1. You Know I Do - The Crucibles
2. Tomorrow Never Ends - The Barons
3. Back Again - The Uncivilized
4. Killer Of Men - The Royal Coachmen
5. Please Tell Me Why - The Boards
6. Should I - The Half Beats
7. King In His World - The Possums
8. Baby Go - The Avantes
9. Why Did You Break My Heart - The Bryds
10. Too Hard To Please You - The Hearts Of Stone
11. There's A Pain - The Rockers
12. For My Own - Jerry Waugh & The Skeptics
13. Baby No More - The Playgues
14. My Time - Bo & The Weevils
15. Is It Right? - The Conquests
16. Girl Of My Dreams - We The People
17. Please Stay - The Shandells
18. Lost - Pete Morticelli

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