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v/a- LIFE IS.. LP


v/a- LIFE IS.. LP

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"Echo Park’s Mono Records was an early supporter of the Echo Park bands who don’t fit so easily into that kind of garage/psych/fuzz-and-fun punk-as-pop sound; instead, Mono’s select releases tend to celebrate the esoteric, and here’s the definitive statement so far: a compilation of L.A. bands heavily inspired by U.K. sounds during that bottomlessly special post-punk moment where the spirit of ‘anything goes’ met the ability to make everything sound good. Shoegaze, C86, labels like Glass and Fire and Rough Trade—this is what Life Is … or at least where it starts. Some tracks here are previously released—two from FROTH's excellent Bleak LP, a-side of TRACY BRYANT's 'Little Things' single also on Mono—but necessary anyway, especially if you didn’t get a limited original. But some apparently exist nowhere else, like the churning 'Fear' by JEFF FRIBOURG (ex-Froth, now in MIND MELD) and his band NUMBER.ER and also his Omnichord, or the Nikki Sudden-Go-Betweens stand-out bum-outs from BEAT HOTEL, or BILLY CHANGER's pixilated John Carpenter-style mostly instrumental 'Ride,' a close cousin to his recent LP track 'Chiller.' NOAH KWID (once of DIRT DRESS) also makes solo vinyl debut here as KWID, an understated Fast Product-style drum-machine post-punk song called (naturally) 'I Find Myself, and MOTHER MERRY GO ROUND delivers two striking songs that split the difference between Orange Juice and Joy Division. Altogether, it’s not just a powerfully consistent vision but a nice counterpoint to what the outside world thinks it is people do here: seven bands a little out of step and a little out of time, except for with each other."—Chris Ziegler (L.A. Record)

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