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v/a- HOT SICK VILE AND FUN: New Sounds From San Francisco LP

Rocks In Your Head

v/a- HOT SICK VILE AND FUN: New Sounds From San Francisco LP

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Includes d/l code.
Fanzine booklet.
New compilation on Sonny Smith's Rocks In Your Head label, features RAYS, TOYOTA and a whole of SF bands we've never heard of!

"This is a modest selection of the great and often weird new art happening in San Francisco now, in this era, that i saw during a small personal odyssey through a San Francisco musical underground that has been flourishing despite a total corporate coup of the city.

A giant FOR SALE sign materialized above the city a while back and panic hit the streets. Those who didn't make money and success their number one god were immediately expelled; others went willingly, their exodus a final act of defiance. Others metamorphosed into the very tech marauders that sacked their city. But some just stayed the same and went underground. Finally the giant hovering sign dropped and smashed into the city. pseudo cabs like bugs crawled out of every crevice, gift shops replaced corner stores, record shops became boutiques, recording studios became music spas for businessmen, computer halls replaced clubs, lulu lemon pants replaced clothes, beards replaced faces! technology replaced lifealogy! cats replaced dogs! digital sticks replaced cigarettes! also Nazis showed up! On the entire urban regurgitation went! a veritable cultural epoch! A brainswell of dire magnitude! A living societal exploding aneurism! The city was FRIED by manevelent techno zombific telekinetic messages: live for likes! argue with everyone! said the message. But underneath the gigantic for sale sign that crushed into the houses, buildings, neighborhoods and streets, bands still make personal, original, slanted, mixed up, meaningful music and sometimes bizarre and fine art. This is just one field report." - Sonny Smith

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