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Unknown Mortal Orchestra's sophomore release not only validated that the lo-fi giddiness of their debut wasn't a flash in the pan, it blew open the possibilities for what the band could develop into. It was the first time the group could be called an actual band, which is most obvious in the addition of an actual drum kit/drummer; the group is simply working with a much larger canvas than before. The instrumentation here feels organic while on the majority of their debut it was nearly impossible to tell whether it was created in a garage or on a laptop. This new human element also spills over into the album's melodic tone and lyrical content; while passve listening could lead a listener think it's a set of light and sunny pop tracks, closer inspection reveals emotionally devestating themes of depression and anxiety. This becomes obvious about 30 seconds into the glisteningly downbeat opener "From The Sun"'s lyrics, and its refreshing to hear music so intune with the lyrical content. "Swim and Sleep (Like A Shark)" and "So Good at Being in Trouble" are equally crushing in their own ways, and make for a quick set of singles that rival the best material from their first LP.

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