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Drag City


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Gatefold sleeve. 

Over the past few years San Francisco native Ty Segall has been building a repertoire of eccentric, noisy, and sometimes chaotic and lo-fi garage rock albums showcasing a love of psychedelic rock, punk, and all things 60's. Twins sees Segall making what seems to me like a pop album; the explosive hook on the opener "Thank God for Sinners" turns the song into an unlikely anthem, and it's perhaps one of the most infectious things Ty has penned, and could've been a staple of early 70's radio in an alternate universe. The infection that opener has spreads to the rest of the album, thankfully; with larger than life choruses, good-time melodies, all slathered in Ty's characteristically distorted and sometimes lo-fi production styles. Like Segall's two other albums released this year, Twins is a damn good record and further showcases that, while the styles aren't as blogosphere-friendly as they were a few years ago, Segall is without qualification the solitary frontrunner in garage rock and lo-fi rock today. No questions asked.

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