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Castle Face


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Ty Segall's self-titled album is pretty similar to his other early release Horn the Unicorn, but there's some improvements. It's filthy garage slop pop with 60s influence and a punk approach. The production is still dirty and ugly as hell, but there's a little more dynamic and the sound really bursts out of your speakers instead of sounding muffled. Some of the songs (So Alone and The Drag) are re-recorded from that and, these versions are better. Ty's voice is a lot more up front which gives the songs more personality. He gets a little weird and unhinged with spazzed out yelping on Pretty Baby (You're So Ugly). The Ramones cover is pretty faithful to the original. There are a few more 60's inspired weirdo-pop moments, mostly apparent on Watching You and the surprisingly beautiful acoustic final track An Ill Jest.

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