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TRUST PUNKS - Double Bind LP


TRUST PUNKS - Double Bind LP

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TRUST PUNKS' new album, Double Bind reveals the band on a tear through an Australasia that's a precarious and nasty place for the young and the restless. This Heat Polvo, and Can, to Wire, The Birthday Party and Stereolab—it's all in here, synthesized & absorbed into something new and hungry. In a time where there's more vying for your attention than ever—more outrage, more distraction, more content—Double Bind ticks all the boxes. It's angry for all the same reasons you are, but it's also involving & intricate, a record to get lost in. "Double Bind scratches at nastier surfaces—the corroded post-hardcore Slint of mouth-breather Britt Walford, rather than David Pajo's ambient leanings—and administers scathing self-scrutiny to the band's existence & environs."—Pitchfork.

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