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TROPICAL TRASH - Southern Indiana Drone Footage LP

National Waste Products

TROPICAL TRASH - Southern Indiana Drone Footage LP

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Highly recommended. 

"National Waste Products is a new label run by Ben McOsker (Load Recordss one and only overlord/head janitor), and it seems he has plans for National Waste Products to continue more or less where Load left off, releasing ugly and cantankerous rock records without the slightest care toward modern trends or the scene’s general disposition. Load released Tropical Trash’s first album UFO ROT in 2015, so it’s a fitting continuation that NWP gives us Tropical Trash’s second LP. I’ve been enjoying this group for just as long, appreciating their filthy rock music and its many twists and turns – at any moment, a Tropical Trash song might disintegrate into white noise, burst into some free-jazz mayhem, lock into a power-rock groove, or abruptly cut out entirely. At least that’s how they used to be, as this album is by far their most presentable work yet. The recording is quite clear – if not properly washed, they at least shook off most of the muck – and they blast through their red-eyed noise-rock in a fashion similar to groups like Spray Paint, Brandy and Shit & Shine. I can practically picture some of the members wearing button-up striped shirts while listening to these tunes, whereas previously I could only picture them in sweat-stained tie-dye, shredded cargo shorts and cowboy boots. Never underestimate the benefit of versatility in your tightly-wound noise-punk!" - Yellow Green Red

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