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TREVOR WHITE - Understood 7"

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TREVOR WHITE - Understood 7"

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TREVOR WHITE, JOOK and SPARKS guitar hero, brings you a slice of power pop perfection that's been marinating for over four decades! Recorded in 1976 at the same sessions as his godhead "Crazy Kids" single, "Understood" was originally pegged to be the b-side of "Crazy Kids." It was deemed "too good" to be relegated to mere B-side status. It was then decided that "Understood" was to be Trev's follow-up to his soon-to-be-a-hit record, "Crazy Kids" released in July 1976. When "Crazy Kids" failed to become the massive smash that it obviously deserved to be, "Understood" ended up going unreleased until now. Trev's patented wall of guitars is front and center of this instant ear worm, not to mention loaded with pitch perfect harmonies. As with "Crazy Kids", MARTIN GORDON (Sparks, RADIO STARS) is on bass and CHRIS TOWNSON (Jook, Radio Stars, JOHN'S CHILDREN) is on drums. B-side, "Fall In Love Tonight," is an unreleased home demo recorded in 1979 that showcases Trev's unabashed pop side with hooks galore.

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