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TRASH MONKEYS - Trash Monkey Universe 7"

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TRASH MONKEYS - Trash Monkey Universe 7"

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Highly recommended.

"Way back in 1986, back when Cyndi Lauper and Boy George ruled the world with a velvet fist, the TRASH MONKEYS took their first baby steps on the long march to obscurity. Founding members LLOYD JOHNSON, BILL ORCUTT, MARK FEEHAN and GEORGE KELLEY - fueled by a passionate need for public scorn and armed with a witches brew of guitars, Old Milwaukee, illegal chemicals and provocative evening-wear soon began to attract the attention of Miami’s glittering, semi-comatose punk scene. After a few years of legendary shows, highlighted by the creative use of rancid meat, hungry dogs, and Vaseline, the Trash Monkeys came to the shocking conclusion that they were approaching competence and began to drift in other directions. George and Mark left to form the STUN GUNS, Bill (and later Mark) started HARRY PUSSY, and Lloyd accepted a high ranking position within Peru’s Shining Path” rebel army." Four songs.

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