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TOO MUCH - Club Emotion LP

Radical Elite

TOO MUCH - Club Emotion LP

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Sometimes, what seems “to be”… isn’t. And what “was” actually wasn’t. What’s "in" is sometimes out. And what was thought to be "north" is sometimes south. Similarly, up until now, there just wasn’t enough... of TOO MUCH. That’s how its been, ever since dynamic-duo TOO MUCH—RICH MOREL & IAN SVENONIuS—let the world listen in on their once-in-a-millenia electro-beat gobstopper “PATENT LEATHER”; the monster hit which defined dance floors since its release in 2019.

“PATENT LEATHER” a bewitching blend of lechery and love, was tattooed on the brain of every loitering lothario in every night-club, roadhouse, and streetlight latrine in both the free and not-so-free worlds.It was so incessant; it shook houses down, burned parliament, and crashed the stock market. Dancers everywhere pleaded for more. TOO MUCH have finally relented and deigned to give the heaving, begging, prostrate mass a new mess of motor-robot rhythm rockers. Yes, that's correct. TOO MUCH have a full length record and they call it… “CLUB EMOTION.” CLUB EMOTION is nine songs of pure ecstasy perfectly suited for the club, the car or the closet. Its a pure joy to listen to in one’s bedroom or at the beach. On a stroll, at a drive-thru, or while careening through the astral-plane, looking for a romantic rendezvous. TOO MUCH, which features Rich Morel (of MOREL, BLOW OFF w/ BOB MOULD, collaborator w/ PET SHOP BOYS, YOKO ONO, US GIRLS) and Ian Svenonius (The MAKE UP, ESCAPE-ISM) is a new kind of group; they aren’t your typical music industry malcontents. They eschew entitlement, egomania, and expectation and replace them with: 1.) A BEAT 2.) a few words of encouragement 3.) the trust that the listener will lean their way. BECAUSE YOU JUST CANT SEEM TO GET ENOUGH ... OF TOO MUCH.

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