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TOM WAITS - The Heart of Saturday Night LP (colour vinyl)


TOM WAITS - The Heart of Saturday Night LP (colour vinyl)

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Limited edition yellow vinyl. Newly remastered, delivering fantastic results. 
Highly recommended. 

Waits takes on a similar sound to Closing Time, but he jazzes it up a bit making it a little more upbeat in areas. The album still has that late night in a bar or jazz lounge kind of feel, which he is known for and does a damn good job of creating that feeling. It's an amazing record to listen to on a nice long night drive. The songs themselves are among some of his best work in this era. Some of the standouts are "New Coat of Paint", "Heart of Saturday night" and "Drunk on the Moon". He does an amazing job of setting the tone for a rather despondent character spending his Saturday night driving around from bar to bar.

The album is a good mix of jazz, blues and even a little beat, so it makes for a nice and relaxing album. All in all it is not a Waits album to be missed. It certainly does not sound like he does nowadays, but his early catalog certainly offers some great numbers. So, if you're ever in need of something to listen to on a downtrodden Saturday night, this may be just what you need.

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