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TOADS - s/t LP

Sanctuary Moon

TOADS - s/t LP

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Limited to 300 copies.

Highly recommended.

Some might mistakenly liken the vibe to post-punk, but TOADS’ sound is pierced through with sharp DIY sensibilities, closer to the earliest days of punk, back when people were still getting off on getting weird. TOADS’ new kind of kick is delivered by a lineup comprised of grizzled scene vets and new (to you) faces in hell: guitarist CHRIS SANTAMARIA (MIDNITE SNAXXX, LOLI & THE CHONES), drummer ANTHONY BEDARD (ICKY BOYFRIENDS, HANK IV), bassist MITCH CARDWELL, and ferromagnetic vocalist MIRANDA FISHER.

"TOADS are a bona fide Bay Area all-star punk band with the resume to back it up. From ICKY BOYFRIENDS to the hallowed halls of MRR itself, TOADS has a lofty rep to live up to. Fortunately, for all of us, TOADS deliver. Only a couple cuts even break the two-minute mark, and then just barely. You’re supposed to chill out as you age, but TOADS are as rambunctious as a pack of teenagers jacked up on Mountain Dew, spicy Takis, and cigs lifted from Mom’s purse. In just over sixty seconds, “Not An Artist” is the kind of infectious kiss-off that makes punk the best of all rock’n’roll styles. If you need further evidence, I direct you to “Another Year” and “Bad Cop” for proof." - Erick Bradshaw

Case sealed, conviction assured.

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