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Pouet! Schallplatten


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Highly recommended.

Sometimes, a band strikes a chord with you, which Teledetente 666 did so to me quite a few years ago with a 7" on Sweet Rot called "Les Rats". Upon hearing of an album, we at Strangeworld thought "We should bring that record into Australia, cos this band is incredible". 

Well, they've arrived and you have one shot at this. Teledetente 666's debut album Karen is one of the best records to come out of France since at least the last Pierre & Bastien's second and it might be better than that. Tough tuneful synth punk that draws from Wire, Leather Nun, krautrock, hell, I could list a bunch of stuff but really this is pretty fantastic. Mesmerizing rock & roll that is smart and inventive. Love this.
The bar for 2016 has been set extremely high.

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