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TARQUIN MANEK - Tarquin Magnet LP

Blackest Ever Black

TARQUIN MANEK - Tarquin Magnet LP

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Tarquin Magnet by Australian Tarquin Manek is a timeless mix of folk-jazz ideas, delicate chamber dub and synthetic post-techno electronics. Although this is Manek’s first solo release on Blackest Ever Black, he has previously contributed as one half of Tarcar with Cara Del Forno and as one third of Fingers again with Del Forno and Samuel Karmel. Manek has also released music under his LST moniker for the Another Dark Age label. Tarquin Magnet is built on a base of improvisation and field recordings then mixing a whole host of sounds in a big pot and expertly and painstakingly editing and arranging the sounds into a cohesive work.

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