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Natalie Chami’s project TALsounds documents solo sessions of improvised synthesis and live-looped vocal performances, presented to the listener as discrete takes without overdubs. The decisions made in her atmospheric sketches—the onset of a quivering vocal melody, the echoing turn of a delay knob—flash across as seismic ripples within a network of standing sounds.

Chami’s vocal performances are her most frank mode of address: fragments of discernible lyrics smear into melismatic melody lines and loop back around, intertwining into complex harmonies with her wordless vocalizations. Her vocal style, informed as much by her classical voice and opera training as by a lifetime of immersion in Björk, Portishead, Aaliyah, and Sade, blends a hands-on process of technical self-accompaniment with moments of diaristic intimacy. When her lyrics emerge in flashes of legibility, they draw out a fascination, or maybe a preoccupation, with the control that raw emotions have over mind and body.

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