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SWEET TALK - Double Perfect LP


SWEET TALK - Double Perfect LP

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There's definitely a love of pop on this slab. It's pretty bloody catchy, after a few listens it really grows on you. Cool lyrics and songwriting at times remind of a good mix of WEEZER and MARKED MEN.

It’s been two years since Austin, TX’s SWEET TALK released a pair of hard-to-pin-down-yet-stuck-in-your-brain 12”s that have been known to wear out expensive needles and initiate flannel riots all across this great country. This fall, they are finally back with follow up album Double Perfect and are intent on making up for lost time. Doubling down in their efforts for blown out pop perfection, Sweet Talk, spent the better part of a year experimenting with ideas, training their bodies, and preparing their minds. What you get is a band with whip-smart songwriting, an ace rhythm section, and epic rock n roll leads pulling out all the stops and going for broke. Warbling between a freak mix of 70s classic rock, early 80s alternative, and unmistakable Texas punk grit, Sweet Talk navigate their influences well while creating something unmistakably their own. Recorded in part by ORVILLE NEELEY (OBN III’s) and MATTHEW MELTON (Warm Soda, Bare Wires), the album sees the band breaking new ground while continuing their tendency of frantically blending influences into a grimy pulp of their own.

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