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SWANS - The Great Annihilator 2LP

Young God

SWANS - The Great Annihilator 2LP

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Includes download code for M.Gira solo effort Drainland (1995).
Gatefold sleeve and poster.  Remastered from original mixes in 2017.
Insert with lyrics.

This is a stunning, claustrophobic masterpiece of an album. They've taken the intensity of their early work, and mixed it with the lighter, folkier side of their 'bunny' period. What that creates is a unique sound of pounding, syncopated percussion, high pitched electric guitar textures, jangling acoustic guitar, and echoing, droning sound loops. Both vocalists perform the best works of their careers, Michael Gira seems to have perfected his hypnotic, mantra-like croon, and Jarboe can add a touch of heaven or a touch of spite seemingly at will. The lyrics are sheer Gira. Does anyone do self-loathing with the same class, the same honesty and intensity?
Intensity is the keyword for this release, as with all Gira-related projects. We just can't think of any other album that combines such lightness, such intensity, and such tunes.

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