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SWAMPS - Rockin' Mess!!! LP


SWAMPS - Rockin' Mess!!! LP

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SWAMPS were formed by Kim and Miss Koko in 2011 and since then they’ve been refining their swampy sound filled with dirty guitars, primitive drums and howlin vocals. SWAMPS is a monster. They don’t care about bass. A wall of guitars is way better. If you can picture a combination of The Cramps, The Oblivians or Jack’O Fire, born in the far away island of Hokkaido, Japan, you’ll get the picture.

Remember The Gories with their fucked up solos, off tempo and beat, sounding as wasted as they can be? This is the japanese
translation. Infused with fury of the blood orange sun, its a collection of rollicking tunes for the rollers, rockin’raucousness for the
rockers, and carnal drumming for the carnivores that will send your ass dancing to Nippon.

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