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Highly recommended by Strangeworld.

Austin-based analog synth outfit responsible for the Grammy award-winning soundtrack from Stranger Things.

Many synthwave albums can lack depth despite "sounding cool" and thus the music tends to blend together without any real memorability. It seems like synthwave fits much better as a soundtrack to media that fits a certain atmosphere (Drive, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, The Neon Demon, Stranger Things) than as an actual album that holds it's own. However, RR7349 is an album that I feel escapes that pitfall. Many of the songs here not only sound cool, but they sound great too. While it's cool that these guys have gotten a bit of exposure due to two members (Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein) performing said soundtrack, I wish more people checked this out because I feel like the music here is superior and stands on it's own. While I enjoy the Stranger Things soundtrack, many of the tracks just don't hold up well out of context of the series.

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