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Trouble In Mind


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Highly recommended. 

Sunwatchers just keep getting better and better at distilling their woolly brand of psych/punk/jazz into digestible chunks that hit hard and leave a lasting impression. Last year's Illegal Moves was practically an exercise in pop song craft, each song short and memorable with a catchy melodic hook. This time, Sunwatchers have kept that emphasis on hummable melodies but just pummeling you over the head with the dual electric phin/saxophone attack. They've stretched out their songs into "jam" sections and "song sections" as well, with the forward rush of "Sunwatchers vs. Tooth Decay" leading into a delirious chorus and the poppy, "Love Paste" (complete with WOO!'s) seguing naturally into the choogle of "Brown Ice." "Thee Worm Store" is almost a sludge rocker with a noisy keyboard solo and slashing guitar work.

Worth pointing out is how the electric phin always manages to sound like another horn, and the often the two will be set against each other over a propulsive rhythm section. That's what's great about Sunwatchers. Want the brain clearing skronk of a free jazz record but don't want to listen to Ascension again? Want the adrenaline of a good punk record? Want some brain frying distortion? They got it all. 

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