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SUMMER FLAKE - Seasons Change LP

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SUMMER FLAKE - Seasons Change LP

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Recorded between studios and home, 'Seasons Change' sees the return of audio engineers Geoffrey O'Connor (The Crayon Fields, Sly Hats) and Evelyn Ida Morris (Pikelet), James Mannix returns on drums and Antony Bourmas on bass.

'Seasons Change' sees Steph Crase consider ideas of self-identity, movement, and the indiscriminate yet deeply personal sense of yearning for growth. Following an organic, non-curated writing process, it was only with hindsight that Crase was able to realise the inter-connectedness of the themes present within the record, saying "I thought all the songs were such separate, free-standing, very different ideas. I'm slow to write, and usually just play with one idea at a time. I didn't realise until near the end of production how tightly connected and repetitive the themes and lyrics were."

Crase describes the album as having "more pace than my previous records - little flashes of optimism, upbeat moments, but still simmering with anxiety and panic, and the wobbling uncertain desire for change.

Produced during a 2 year period of personal, political and societal turbulence, 'Seasons Change' marks a point of timely personal introspection, looking backwards moving forwards. The recording process was marred by creative and personal struggles. Crase says "we rehearsed and recorded in fits and starts and long long pauses. So many plans were shredded and intentions inverted. I struggled with confidence, navigating how to realise my own vision, and connect with all the amazing creative people around me".

The new album 'Seasons Change' is lovingly delivered with the realisation that in the creative process you have to sometimes throw process and planning out the window. 'Seasons Change' tells a human story, one we all exist in together.

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