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Nervous Intent


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Includes d/l code.
Insert with lyrics and bonus stickers.
Highly recommended.

Bay Area sonic muscle akin to The Ex and Drive Like Jehu - WFMU Release of the Day

"Their new LP is a sonically adventurous and a rewarding listen. At times bringing to mind a myriad of possible musical reference point… KARP, Sonic Youth, Godhead Silo… Or possibly none of the above. As self-described “Truewave” or “Posi Punk” (positive punk), Street Eaters operate in a vibrant world of their own creation, in an effort to create rather than destroy. There is a calculated abandon of the musical delivery that I am drawn to and which impresses me. On “Take What I Don’t Need” there’s a neat delayed fuzz bass that swarms in and out of the mix, almost dub-style. Side 2 opener “Sentries” opens with a wash of bass feedback, before settling into a pounding groove. “Definition” is upbeat and riff-heavy. And the LP highlight for me, “Paralyzed”, has a remarkable percussive bass harmonic refrain that thrills my ears no end. It’s angry and dark, but it’s also inspiring. The lyrical content on “The Envoy” is inspired by the writings of Ursula K Le Guin, a science-fiction novelist whose works include Left Hand of Darkness and The Dispossessed. Her works examine reinventions of gender norms, and underlying themes of anarchy and environmental issues. Lyrically, as you may expect, the LP is intently claustrophobic in places. But overall the experience I take away from Street Eaters is far from bleak. It’s a tough and great sounding record. The bass sounds impressive and huge throughout, and the vocals are great and sit perfectly atop the clatter and verve." - LOUDER THAN WAR

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