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STOOGES - The Electric Circus LP

Easy Action

STOOGES - The Electric Circus LP

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Live recording from 14th May, 1971 at The Electric Circus in New York City. Fortunately, Danny Fields of that long extinct breed of A&R men with a finger on the pulse (in addition to The Stooges, he also signed the MC5 and Ramones, and managed the Modern Lovers) had the foresight to record a bunch of Stooges shows in New York, St Louis and Detroit during April and May 1971 and has now kindly made these tapes available to the people at Easy Action Records, warts and all. To me, the sound quality is not a problem here – I always find that almost any live recording sounds fine if you play it loud enough – but as a guide, these recordings fall either side of Metallic KO, sound wise. The NYC Electric Circus show from May 14th is much better than Metallic KO. However… every second of the performances here are so much better than any of the available ’73 / ’74 shows

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