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STONE ECHIDNA - The Disagreeable Subject Of Varese’s Father LP

I Hold The Lion's Paw

STONE ECHIDNA - The Disagreeable Subject Of Varese’s Father LP

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Dave Brown (Lazy, Bucketrider, Candlesnuffer) and Reuben Lewis offer an LP of abstract stuff with processed trumpet and guitar with electronics… sort of a textural post Jon Hassell type of thing. 

Stone Echidna is a duo project comprised of guitarist David Brown (aka candlesnuffer) and trumpeter Reuben Lewis (aka I Hold the Lion’s Paw). Steeped in introspection and deep focus, Stone Echidna invites the listener to embrace the unfamiliar and immerse themselves in a dramatic and strangely beautiful musical landscape.

Their debut album ‘the disagreeable subject of Varèse's father’ is born out of an organic cross-over of conventional electro-acoustic methods, noisy interjections and a refined vocabulary of tiny acoustic sounds enlarged outside their normal context. Expect to hear slowly evolving soundtracks, grinding tectonic plates of vibration and auditory developments akin to dual satellites in patient orbit.

The duo sprung from an initial fascination with the pairing of fully prepared guitar and the breathiness extended techniques elicited from acoustic trumpet. From the group's birth, and at odds with their staple acoustic sounds, Brown and Lewis utilised minimal electronics through small amplifiers to provide an extra pair of accompanying textural outputs. Then, across a somewhat short duration, the electronic component of the group sound grew exponentially to equal and rival the acoustic elements, while in addition, a semi-acoustic, tenor guitar was added to the sonic vocabulary, allowing the guitar preparations to play a more secondary role.

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