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SPITBOY - Body Of Work 1990-1995 2LP (colour vinyl)

Don Giovanni

SPITBOY - Body Of Work 1990-1995 2LP (colour vinyl)

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First pressing red and marble double colour vinyl.

Includes d/l code.

Remastered and includes liner notes.

"They were one of those bands that were a prequel to what the future was becoming. Feminism, human rights, animal rights, environmental protection, gender issues... Spitboy was singing about these issues 30 fucking years ago. I'm so grateful to have witnessed it." - Billie Joe Armstrong

"Spitboy are one of the most important punk bands to have ever existed. To me, an angry 20-year-old in London, discovering them felt like the first time I truly identified with a band's politics and agenda. One of my all-time favourite albums (then and now) was Penis Envy by Crass. No lyrics had ever touched me the way this album had--until Spitboy entered my life. My people. My radical feminists. My punk scene. Where I have lived and belonged for over 30 years." - Vique Simba

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