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SPIKE PIT - Animal of Disrespect LP

My Mind's Eye

SPIKE PIT - Animal of Disrespect LP

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Insert with lyrics and newsprint poster. 
Highly recommended. 

Musically, the comparison that first came to mind was the Inmates, so somewhere in that style of hardcore. Some of the songs sound a lot like Street Gurgler (particularly "Work Sucks"), but that's almost certainly just a side effect of them sharing a guitarist. The lyrics are pretty nuts. Spike Pit, or at least their wordsmith, are in favor of murder ("Murder," "Lil Sharpshooter," "Kill Bums"), robbing people ("Licks"), and hentai ("Hentai"). They are against cops, work, high school, bums, and fruits and veggies. You oughta know what you're getting into based on all that alone, but just in case: there's also a song called "Diaper Rash/Diarrhea."

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