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SONNY VINCENT - Cyanide Consomme LP

Big Neck

SONNY VINCENT - Cyanide Consomme LP

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Sonny Vincent (born 1953, New York) is an American punk rock icon. He has been actively recording music since the mid-1970s, when he was part of the New York City punk rock scene. His legend includes the many incendiary, raw, mid 70's `Testors` performances at C.B.G.B.’s and Max's Kansas City, Touring and recording for 9 years as Maureen Tucker's and later Sterling Morrison's (both of the of the notorious Velvet Underground) guitar player. As well as recording and or making albums with everyone under the sun from the drummer of the Stooges (Scott Asheton) to Ernie Knapp (guitar player for Charles Manson). Vincent has performed and recorded with many musicians, such as Wayne Kramer, Maureen Tucker, Scott Asheton, Captain Sensible, Cheetah Chrome, Bob Stinson, Walter Lure, Brian James, Thurston Moore, Richard Lloyd, Lou Reed, John Cale, Sterling Morrison, Jad Fair, John Sluggett, Greg Ginn, John Reis, Lance of Athens GA, and Kim Shattuk.

These are 14 barn burners. Each track containing tough riffs that you would expect of someone from the 70’s punk scene, but each song has hooks and melodies that make you want to get up and dance.

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