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SONIC YOUTH - Sonic Nurse 2LP

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SONIC YOUTH - Sonic Nurse 2LP

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Includes d/l code.
180 gram double vinyl. Gatefold sleeve.

Nurse is another notch upwards in their ascending arc. Those hoping they would rock out in a way they haven’t since Daydream Nation, must note they’re not spring chickens anymore and will have to settle for the tidbits of restrained abandon. The revelation on this album is the groove and melodicism. Track two sounds like a Marvin Gaye rhythm track, with Thurston Moore’s vocals actually sounding pretty and melancholy. Kim Gordon is still doing her screechy riot-gramma yowl which can grate at times, but we love her just the same. Tracks three and five have some alluring chiming guitar tones, with the latter threatening to break loose at five minutes with some crazed solos, though they’re reigned in within twenty seconds. It’s nice to hear Lee Renaldo’s voice on one, possibly the most raucous, noisy track. The album closes with an appropriately long build-up, with gentle picking and Thurston sounding all soft and pretty again, before the guitars take over. Right around four minutes they reach a peak and pause. While last album they emulated Telvision’s Marquee Moon, this one more recalls the crystalline sounds of Adventure. While the songs are shiny and fresh, it’s still comforting to hear their voices and signature instrumental styles. I couldn’t imagine hearing this group of people any other way.

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