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SONIC YOUTH - Murray Street LP


SONIC YOUTH - Murray Street LP

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Gatefold sleeve.

Sonic Youth could well be a band who are becoming more interesting with time.  Whilst Daydream Nation remains a favourite Sonic Youth album, we have come to expect more and more from them with their releases in recent years.

Murray Street and Sonic Nurse would probably take silver and bronze medals in the SY Olympics.

Both as a band and as people they seem to have mellowed, which is understandable when you consider that they will now be into their forties.  And it really, really suits them.  Listening to albums such as Confusion is Sex you wouldn't imagine the band still existing in twenty years let alone releasing albums like this.  They take unusual tunings and fashion some bittersweet, fascinating tracks out of them. The album is only seven tracks long but the first four tracks - "Empty Page", "Disconnection Notice", "Rain on Tin" and "Karen Revisited" are all essential.  There is only one Kim Gordon track on the album so it is an opportunity for Thurston Moore to come to the front more and it really works.

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