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SONIC YOUTH - Experimental Jet Set, Trash And No Star LP


SONIC YOUTH - Experimental Jet Set, Trash And No Star LP

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Sonic Youth's Experimental Jet Set, Trash And No Star is a step away from the commercial mindset of Dirty bringing in more avant garde lyrics, experimental sounds and that unmistakable presence that seems to come from all of Sonic Youth's work.

"Winner's Blues" coos at you from the very start, but this is no indication of where this release will take you, being eclectic and enigmatic, this is one of the best from the latter day catalogue of Sonic Youth.

"Bull In The Heather" is a sultry, sexy plead for love and want from Gordon, her husky vocal work making it a success for SY, one of the singles released from this album. Dark, uneasy and climatic guitars make this track one of the highlights. "Starfield Road" is a grungey and loud song jam packed with sex references and not so subtle colloquialisms trying to justify lust and need.

"Skink" swirls 'round and 'round whilst "Screaming Skull" drives the drums into the ground, teamed with the tinny guitar sound with Kim and Thurston doing the vocals. Laden with music references, it namechecks The Lemonheads, Husker Du and former Foo Fighter amongst other things, Pat Smear. "Self Obsessed and Sexxee" is a slow downward spiral in self esteem, and "Bone" is another sexy tale told by Gordon. Moore's breathy vocals and feedback driven romp accompanied with the lyrical confusion of the topic in question: "Are you gay?" "Are you God?" is "Androgynous Mind" and "Quest for the Cup" sounding different to all other songs on the album.

The introduction to "Waist" sounds more Nirvana than Sonic Youth, "Doctors Order's" is Kim crooning into the mike and "Tokyo Eye" is mysterious and experimental.

"In The Mind Of The Bourgeois Reader" and "Sweet Shine" bring fast paced drums and crashing cymbals as well as the slow gloomy uneasiness; concluding a stellar return to the underground for SY, making them one of the most influential underground Alt-Rock bands of the last two decades.

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