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SOFT SHOULDER - Aerosol Can Stand 7"


SOFT SHOULDER - Aerosol Can Stand 7"

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Includes a unique print made using components from the artwork.
Highly recommended. 

JAMES FELLA's long running “post-punk / no-wave / junk-kraut” group in a rare moment of pop sensibility (subject to objection and critique). Recorded spur-of-the-moment during practice, these two songs are a snapshot of Soft Shoulder as a trio (with JOSH RODRIGUEZ and Moone Records’ CALEB DAILEY) in late 2019.

However, the same variety of haphazard approaches and bedroom-style recording methods which Fella is accustomed to using when processing songs alone were utilized here with the full band. Everything captured on the second take: microphones taped to broken pieces of drum kit hardware and whatever else was sitting around on the floor, overblown overdubs done with a faulty reverb unit, synth later dropped in as an afterthought directly before a maniacal full-volume mix-down in the same rehearsal space later that week.

Comparisons aside and credit due as collateral: RIYL The Fall, The Homosexuals, A Frames, Dreamsalon

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