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Anti Fade


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Highly recommended. 

"The Snakes have emerged from Melbourne’s swampy morass of punk with a phenomenally catchy interpretation of dissonant sleaze. The five-piece unit – consisting of members Steph Cheeseman, Charlotte Zarb, Jimmy McGarrie, James Dadd and Lewis Hodgson – has only been around for about six months, playing a smattering of shows across Sydney and Melbourne. 

When it comes to summarising the sound, my usual go-to descriptors are failing me. Words like erratic, whimsical, askew, off-centre, enthralling, entertaining all apply to The Snakes’ brand of crooked punk playfulness, but all terms fall short of the mark. Essentially, The Snakes is five musicians having a crack at creating poppy post-punk bops imbued with a reptilian sleaze and a baseness commonly found in music with more dissonant sensibilities. That’s not to say The Snakes isn’t discordant in it’s own right, but the shrill keys, plodding rhythms and humour-laced vocals make for a completely different listen than your cranked-out guitar-driven scuzz." - James Frostick (Weirdo Wasteland) 

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