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SMIRK - EP 12"

Total Punk

SMIRK - EP 12"

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Great video and killer first single. 

Smirk is a solo project from Nic Vicario (Crisis Man, Public Eye, Cemento). Following the release of ‘LP’ on Feel It (we have copies, just holler and we'll get in the website!) earlier this year, Smirk is back with a brand new 12” EP on Total Punk. While ‘LP’ compiled Smirk’s two limited run cassettes, ‘EP’ is seven fresh tracks of wiry well-crafted punk with heaps of hooks. Sharp guitars and anxious one note leads adding tension to the locked in propulsive groove of the bass and drums.

Nic Vicario, doing his best ‘man on wire’ routine, exudes cool confidence while poking at the anxieties of modern life. Strutting his way to the apocalypse one jittery jam at a time, ‘EP’ is agitated, catchy, and bouncy as hell.


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