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SLOW ENGINEER - Where Comes The Dark? LP


SLOW ENGINEER - Where Comes The Dark? LP

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'Where Comes The Dark?' is the debut full length from shadowy, underground producer The Slow Engineer. An album of sculpted synthsonics and Eldritch electronics originally released on a limited run, blink and you'll miss it cassette which sold out in 24 hrs. Heavy on basslines, with driving rhythms and tweaked synthesisers, it's a record which openly acknowledges it's nod to horror scores and the work of the Radiophonic Workshop whilst pulling off something uniquely and freshly new, with an assembled array of wayward equipment stored at his Analogue Hades base. British horror actor Laurence R. Harvey adds suitably menacing narration in places, and across 10 fabulous tracks this is a richly, deliciously diverse electronic record which comes hugely recommended to fans of John Carpenter, not to mention label mates The Heartwood Institute and Dream Division. A one time pressing of 300, destined to sell out pretty swiftly.

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