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SLINT - Spiderland LP

Touch And Go

SLINT - Spiderland LP

The music on the evocatively titled Spiderland is morose, drifting, yet is not too bashful to scatter and then web back together, nor to unsheathe and slash with a sudden railing into distortion. As I mentioned, there is enough here in the music to be a terrific album without the spoken word emulsified into it. Discordance flows into monotone so well you'd think that each instrument was manipulated by one arm of a multiple-armed demi-god, for it slides in the directions of the composition as if by a single mind. With the base tones of the guitars and the jazzy tickling of the drum kit, the artists paint for you a bleak landscape that Isaac Brock could only formulate in a long-forgotten dream. Sewn into this sound is the expert use of dynamics, which continues to make the music interesting as each five-minute-plus song spins on into the forty-minute total.

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